About Us

Hopeful Inc started off as the ‘Social Fundtech’ company for nonprofits – it utilized Artificial Intelligence to show nonprofit leaders what it is about their storytelling on social media that is not just leading to likes, but why people are actually donating. It eventually transitioned into a digital marketing agency for nonprofits, with its own state-of-the-art storytelling AI technology to quickly train nonprofit leaders on how to run efficient and successful digital marketing campaigns.

Hopeful’s AI-powered digital marketing services for nonprofits quickly became a broadly successful concept, with the company scaling to 200+ nonprofit clients in the US and Canada within the first 4 months of its launch, a $400,000 initial raise, entry into the prestigious UC Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator Program, and finally a private acquisition by another leading player in the nonprofit AI sector–Wisely– in September 2021.


Hopeful Inc. is also currently trending as the #1 choice for Canadian Startup of the Year by Hackernoon, it was the regional winner for Tech in Motion Awards 2021, winner of the Top 100 Data Analytics Startups of 2020 and 2021, and a Top 35 Predictive Analytics Startup in Canada for 2021.

By broadening their digital presence via Hopeful, nonprofits can use technology for good, and tell their stories better in their efforts for a better tomorrow.


To provide nonprofits with advanced technologies to tell compelling stories to the right people, at the right time, using data-driven decision making.


To empower nonprofits to tell their most compelling stories and make everyone hopeful for the future of humanity.
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