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How to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Nonprofit?

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Anyone who has worked with Nonprofits on digital networking sites understands that there are equal obstacles and benefits. Limited staff and workers commonly operate groups, which have limited assets and finances. And, with online presence dwindling in favour of ad revenue, social media can appear to be a doomed endeavour.

However, there are various social media platforms and services accessible for Nonprofits.

For Nonprofits, many sites provide assistance and distinct functionalities. They are meaningless, however, if you don’t really look in the right places or when to employ those.

Understand how to create a successful online networking plan for your Nonprofit. With a few time-saving methods, you can put your word out and let all your attempts matter.

Why Is Digital Networking So Important for Nonprofits?

Online Networking

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Why must Nonprofits use digital platforms in their promotional campaign if email marketing is the highest efficiency among all the promotional approaches? 

Nonprofits can use social media as another avenue to communicate with and create connections with their intended demographic.

Individuals use online networking for instant data, so it’s a wonderful way to communicate with your viewers in person, particularly if they have concerns that ought to be solved. Digital networking is an indisputably efficient approach to raise exposure and interact with donations for your charity group.

Employees are indeed being urged and encouraged to engage, and financing is being sought every day on social media. Despite this, many Nonprofits are unsure how to use online networks to gain the assistance they require to concentrate their efforts. To have an online networking function for your Nonprofits, you must pick the correct channel and interact with individuals on it.

There are numerous types of online networks, and they generally interact with distinct demographics with varying levels of technological (read, social media) expertise.

A person’s objectives and motives for operating on Instagram vs Facebook, for instance, are different. The essential to obtaining the most out of your endeavours is to target the right audience with your communication.

When deciding which social media site to leverage as a component of your Nonprofit’s promotional plan, consider statistics and the purpose of the audience.

Contemplate this, if you’re seeking to connect out to corporate stakeholders who could be willing to collaborate with you, give a contribution, or provide funding. The individual you would like to associate with is expected to get a university degree, be a member of specialized groups, and be in their 30s or older. This person may be active on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, wherein they socialize with people and individual businesses they appreciate. Since they work for a company, they are more than inclined to be on LinkedIn, wherein they hope to develop corporate ties.

The next stage is to interact on that network once you’ve identified as the ideal site for your firm. Here you can find organizations making the most impact digitally.

Whenever it comes to online marketing plans, one of the most common misconceptions is participation.

Posting is merely the beginning of true participation. After you’ve selected the correct channel and released interesting material, the amount of participation you get from that content is determined by how you interact with relevant individuals and groups. Online networking is an indisputably efficient approach to increase exposure and interact with donors for your charity group.

Despite this, many groups are unsure how to use social media to gain the assistance they require to concentrate their efforts.

To create an online networking function for your Nonprofit, you must pick the correct network and interact with individuals on it.

Top 4 Social Media Platforms for Nonprofits

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There is no one-size-fits-all solution for determining the ideal online networking platforms for Nonprofits. It all comes according to where your Nonprofit’s target group spends the maximum time. However, many top online networking sites, are worth exploring. Continue reading to know more about the leading four.

1. Instagram

Instagram Logo

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Instagram is among the most popular digital networking channels utilized by marketers throughout the globe, with about 500 million regular engaged members.

With so many every day engaged members, it would seem tough to overlook the effective promotional opportunity that Instagram may bring a Nonprofit. Having 64 percent of Instagram members aged 18 to 29, it is a medium that caters to the typical Nonprofit audience.

However, for those targeting years 30-49, this is still a feasible choice, given that this age group accounts for 40 percent of all Instagram members. Here is a guide to get more IG followers for your Nonprofit.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo

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LinkedIn has indeed been gathering steam as a promotional tool for organizations in a variety of sectors, notably Nonprofits. In addition, it is considered as the leading three greatest social networking platforms for Nonprofits.

If you’re looking to establish your Nonprofit’s reputation, LinkedIn is a fantastic resource. Anyone using this system is wanting to expand and engage with existing corporate connections, and organizations might greatly profit from collaborating with corporate executives throughout the globe.

Whilst the LinkedIn “share” might not be worth as much as a Facebook “share,” it does matter in terms of ultimate trustworthiness.

A Facebook article can be shared by anybody, but it doesn’t really carry significant value when it comes to establishing your trustworthiness. When a company expert publishes your article on LinkedIn, meanwhile, your public sees you’re earnest about your work. Here is a quick guide on LinkedIn marketing.

3. Facebook

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If your Nonprofit is wanting to reach out to a slightly older demographic, Facebook is the best place to start.

Although Facebook may appear to be an out-of-date site to some, it must not be overlooked. In reality, it’s among one of the most user-friendly channels till date. Here are some ways to boost engagement on Facebook.

4. Twitter

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Twitter is mostly used to disseminate short, informative tidbits. This is a platform for expressing views as well as keeping ahead with global information and events.

Twitter is commonly referred to as an advanced open space. It is indeed a place whereby individuals and groups may express their thoughts and ideas, as well as engage in discussions of the greatest problems in the present.

Nonprofits can use this social media platform to campaign for issues related to their objective, to become a prominent voice in their chosen field, as well as to establish and grow a network. But if you’ve previously established a solid network somewhere, it might hardly be profitable to dilute your Nonprofit by establishing it on newer sites.

Nevertheless, it is a good medium for your Nonprofit if your advertising and online networking objectives involve general understanding and awareness of a problem and actionable insights. It’s the simplest way to keep in touch with followers and other activists while also promoting important members of your team as public intellectuals in any sector. Here are some tips on executing a successful Twitter strategy.

Selecting the Most Effective Online Networking Channels for Your Nonprofit: 3 Simple Steps

Simply because there are numerous social media platforms to choose from does not really imply you need to create an account on every one of them. Rather, you should concentrate on one or two solutions that are most appropriate for your social networking approach.

Therefore, how do your organization’s employees go about selecting the top online networking platforms? By implementing these simple steps below, you can easily choose yours:


1. Identify the significance of digital networking in your organization’s promotional plan

Just because you have a digital networking page doesn’t indicate you’re set. A digital marketing plan that is integrated with your entire promotional plan is required for your Nonprofit.  Anything you would be doing with your digital platforms is important to know.

Keep in mind that not all social media platforms are made alike. So, after you have decided what function digital networks would serve in your overall promotional approach, you can begin cutting down the sites you’ll use.


2. Identify the target market for your nonprofit

You must be competent to identify your Nonprofit’s goal demographic in addition to choosing the correct online networking platforms that will provide your Nonprofit the most exposure.

Inquiries will assist you in visualizing who your intended audience is. Checking over who your competitors are addressing is yet another technique to assist you to identify your market segment.

You would be prepared to approach certain online networking platforms that offer the most to your target users after you have sufficient data.


3. Establish clear objectives for your digital networking campaign

Ensure you are defining clear objectives for your group’s promotional campaign, just like you do for anything else. They are specific objectives that have been written through to the last element. You can effectively focus on whether your activity on online networks would integrate into your appropriate promotional objectives after you’ve identified your objectives.



With a sound digital marketing plan in place, you’ll be able to determine what sites are ideal for your Nonprofit and where your primary market is most prone to be active. If you’re not clear on where to start, look at different social media platforms to determine if they match your strategic aims and effective advertising plan.

To get online networking to perform for your company, you must first select the appropriate channel and then interact with users on that network.

This is how you can potentially utilize social media platforms to organically increase outreach and engagement for your Nonprofit’s activities regarding donations, participants, and visitors. 

Looking for a customized approach to meeting social media goals? Contact the Hopeful Inc. team at [email protected]

Written by Shela Baxi (from MegaFamous) for Hopeful Inc.

Shela Baxi is a Software Engineer turned Content Writer. She is a prolific writer and has written blogs in various genres. During her free time, she likes to do her research from YouTube, blog sites as well as follow experts from tech to food to travel and others. 

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