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How to Adapt to the Growing Nonprofit Digital Marketing Sector (Part 2)

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Has your nonprofit shifted its marketing and fundraising goals from traditional approaches to digital platforms? If so, then you are on the right track because nonprofit digital marketing can take your organization to the next level. From tracking marketing results with the right metrics and measuring the ROI with data analytics to monitoring engagement and time spent – digital platforms speed up your effort abundantly. In our last blog, we discussed how nonprofits adapt to the growing digital marketing sector. Here are more ideas to add to your list.  Get to know other platforms: Digital marketing is an interconnected mesh of various platforms that work together to give a holistic result. For example, a millennial may learn about your cause in their school or university forum and visit your LinkedIn page. A couple of days later, he or she may decide to visit your website or read one of your blogs. It may take that individual a couple of visits to become your onetime or long-time donor. In this case, your nonprofit digital marketing strategy should be persuasive enough to hold their attention. 
  • Can your website load fast enough and pass the 7-second test
  • Do you regularly add content to your blogs? 
  • Do all your social channels convey a unified message? 
If all your digital platforms are up-to-date with fresh content and provide the donor with enough relevant information, then chances are they may invest in your cause.  If you think that Facebook or Instagram is not enough to help you share your purpose, then create a mix of various platforms as part of your overall strategy: Chatbots and interactive apps such as WhatsApp or  Snapchat, blogs or micro-blogs on Tumblr, video marketing tools like Vimeo and Imgur, discussion forums like Quora and Reddit, bookmarking and content creation platforms like Flipboard and Pinterest are all powerful tools to reach your intended audience. 

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Set up fundraisers: Fundraisers aren’t a new thing for nonprofit social media marketing. But now with several tools at hand, it’s easier to reach out to donors and make an ask. Social media features such as the Facebook live donate button, the fundraiser thank you tool and fundraiser stickers for IG stories have enhanced the efforts of several organizations. And this isn’t it. Many nonprofits encourage employees, volunteers, their social media advocates and their first circle audience on social channels to create personal fundraisers. You too can tap into this potential by leveraging events such as their birthdays, anniversaries, or days that tie directly or indirectly to your nonprofit’s mission. For instance, if your cause relates to spreading awareness about depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety, then you can encourage your supporters to start personal fundraisers during Alcohol Awareness Month (April) or Mental Health Month (May).  Read how to boost donations using the Hopeful fundraisers and create personalized campaigns whenever you want.  Leverage Email marketing: Emails have proved to be an impactful marketing tactic for the longest time. But unfortunately, a lot of organizations do not uncover their full potential. Emails marketing helps to create a smooth and uninterrupted donor journey. It also lets you build and nurture relationships with potential leads and past donors. It is a great opportunity to connect with donors repeatedly (at their time and convenience) without disturbing them with too many messages on social.

A recent post from WWF encouraging donors to connect

However, now that most people have shifted conversions on mobile, it is crucial to change your email marketing strategy for mobile responsiveness. Look below for some tips that will help you stay on track. 
  1. Use properly sized images or use a template in an email marketing tool like Mailchimp or HubSpot
  2. Use Alt text to give content for your images 
  3. Replace buttons with call-to-actions for a better user experience 
It’s possible to take your nonprofit social media marketing a notch higher by sending auto-generated emails to your donors intermittently. Think about it this way: a Tweet may soon get buried into the abyss, but your email is a gentle reminder for the donors to go back in time and consider your cause, isn’t it? Need such more inspirational ideas and content for your nonprofit social media marketing? Check it out here

Written by Tasneem Jariwala for Hopeful Inc.

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