Click, Click: Your Checklist to Clickable Content on Social Media

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We all agree that quality posts and good content drive social media. But unfortunately, several organizations face a so-called content block when it comes to maintaining a social media calendar. Of course, there are several things you can push across the door, but none of it will matter if your donors do not take a moment to stop their thumbs and consider what you have to say. In today’s blog, we bring you an ultimate cheat sheet of ideas that will make your content stand out, and even better – give ideas on how you can make it clickable. 

  • Find your archetype. As a nonprofit, you need to find your (brand) archetype, aka, what makes you unique and use that personality to win your donors. Kate Putnam, a psychology-driven brand strategist, has an amazing quiz to get you started on what’s your nonprofit’s personality. Unravel it and win your audience through your natural power. 
  • Know the 80/20 rule and then break it. Once upon a time, the 80/20 rule was a big one. (Eighty percent of your social media content should be educational, inspirational, or should provide value to your consumers; the rest 20 percent can be promotional).  But as messaging changed and organizations started deploying various strategies to capture donor interest, this rule no longer remains true. Hint: Your brand archetype will pave the way for your overall strategy on social media. 
  • Use your audience’s language: Why do most brands say YOLO (You only live once) and DYK (Did you know)? Mainly because they want to connect with their audience at a personal level. It can’t get so complicated. Observe your audience and keep a tab of their linguistic preferences (lingo!). Then use similar language in your communication on socials. This simple approach will go a long way in keeping your donors connected. 
  • Use a variety of content formats. NPOs with interesting social media pages have one thing in common. They bring in variety – meaning go above and beyond for donor engagement through videos, photos, polls, blog posts, and more to create a lively feed. Here’s your go-to for more inspiration. 
  • Get familiar with the world of social: Depending upon the social platforms, learn how they can best provide value, how their analytics works, and the various tools at your disposal. Use the Hopeful dashboard to rely on insights, scheduling, and our storytelling AI to get more done on socials. 
  • Be relevant. Your donors follow you because they are interested in your cause and want to support whatever you have to say. Do not give them a reason to derail from your page by posting content that’s off the tracks. For instance, if your organization promotes care of abandoned pets, make sure you share stories, posts, quotes, etc. around that topic. 
  • Use smart design strategies. Content is copy plus the visuals you use. The photos and designs you create for your channels are the visual representation of what you want to convey. Keep consistency in fonts, colours, and style while putting your word out there. Also, use the right size of image for each platform. For example, portrait-oriented, mobile-friendly images maximize clicks on Pinterest.

Design is your silent ambassador

  •  Know the KISS rule? Get creative, but in the end, Keep It Simple and Straightforward. You only have less than a second to grab their attention. Do not lose that window by making your words or visuals complicated. A simple way to look at things? While writing your content, use an active voice over a passive tone to sound more personal and engaging. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 

  • Optimize for social networks: It is essential to optimize your content for every social platform. While the basic strategies remain the same, there are a few specifics to take into context while posting on every channel. For instance, numbered lists provide best engagement on LinkedIn and IG stories with an option to attach the link depicted by the ‘link sticker’ works well with viewers. 
  • Post. Learn. Repeat. The best way to tackle the content block and give your donors every reason to click is by posting and learning how your posts performed. Learn what the basic analytics mean and how to interpret them to create more awesome content for your followers. 

And just before you go, don’t forget to check out how to create a smarter content distribution strategy for your nonprofit social media channels. 


Written by – Tasneem Jariwala for Hopeful Inc.

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