Engage and Retain Volunteers on Social Media

Seventy-seven percent of nonprofits believe that skilled volunteers could significantly improve their organization’s business practices. Yet, only a small percentage of them leverage social media to engage and retain them. While social platforms have turned into a new word of mouth for NPOs to expand their reach and raise funds, it can also be a goldmine to find relevant talent for specific projects. 

Volunteers make a significant workforce and are an integral part of any nonprofit organization. They can help your organization save money, provide support to beneficiaries and help to expand your mission to a broader community. 

So how can you use social media to find the right people for your projects? We have put together three base essentials on how to attract volunteers on social channels. 

1) Have a clearly defined call to action

You must have heard this several times before. But it’s worth mentioning: More than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy. Unfortunately, most posts on social media miss this essential aspect. So while there is project-related information, there is hardly any information about the next steps. 

You cannot simply share a link on Facebook and expect people to click on it to read more. There has to be a specific mention of what action you want the readers to take. Creating a short paragraph defining your needs and offering a sign-up link will guide your audience to a specific course of action. They will be informed about the next steps and will know what to expect out of it. 

In the below example, Volunteers of America has posted a volunteer sign-up link for people interested in being a part of their community.

Pro-tip: You might want to keep your posts short and to the point since most people only skim through the content and, if interested, follow the CTA. 

2) Show what it’s like to be in the team

Digital platforms help provide social proof of what your organization is up to. So why not take that advantage and make it work for you? For example, one great way to attract volunteers is to showcase your ongoing projects through various content formats. 

Many organizations share video bytes, live videos, testimonials of staff members and give sneak-peek of behind-the-scenes to showcase their culture. Likewise, you can share links, pictures and resources of your recent work and volunteers who are already involved with your projects. Doing so will paint the picture for potential candidates and enable them to stay informed of what to expect once they become a part of your team. At the same time, it will present your organization as dynamic and active in your niche.

Pro-tip: Encourage your existing staff members and volunteers to share content on behalf of your nonprofit and turn them into brand advocates. Want to learn more about how to leverage employee social advocates? Check it out here!

The above post is an excellent example of eliciting interest in potential candidates to become a part of the Global Volunteers team. What’s more? It has a prominent CTA. 

3. Give your volunteers a space on your channel

Are you taking advantage of social media groups? Most organizations and businesses create groups on digital platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to help people of similar interests get together and share common ideas. You can create an online community for your volunteers by letting them unite through a group. This can be a place where they can share their opinions, exchange ideas and talk about their unique experiences. Both existing volunteers and potential members can be a part of it and indirectly help you spread the word. 

Here are some best practices for creating social media groups. 

> Create a popular group name. Facebook is the 2nd largest unofficial engine after Google

> Be respectful while adding new members. High profile influencers may need a formal approach of invitation in a public group

> Set group rules or guidelines and approval procedures for maintaining the quality of content 

> Assign specific roles to active members to monitor posts and activities as your group expand

> Engage regularly. Social groups with more active posts usually rank higher

Over to You

At Hopeful, we work closely with you to access your needs – be it increasing followers, raising more funds or engaging volunteers. By designing unique campaigns, we help you spread your message to a broader audience and realize your end goals. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to strategize your marketing needs and move the needle towards your objectives!

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