Write, Repurpose, Repeat for a Smarter Content Distribution Strategy

High-quality content is exceptionally crucial to driving engagement on social media. But consistently churning out content can be exhausting – no matter how creative you are. Smart charity marketers focus on republishing content in different ways to gain multiple benefits in one go.

1. Your marketing team can save on time and focus on high-priority work instead.

2. Stating your unique idea or mission in different ways and on various platforms builds more credibility.

3. Repurposed content fits in different versions and reaches a broader audience.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss a few practical ways to reuse old posts, images and other content formats to create something entirely new. Let’s get started.

Leverage blog post content generously

In today’s digital-savvy world, an effective blogging strategy can help you earn more supporters by educating them about your cause. But don’t limit your blogs to your website alone. Use its content to recreate an exhaustive bank for social media and post it for months.

a. If you have written several blog posts on one topic, you can combine them to create an ebook. For instance, multiple blogs on the importance of a monthly giving program can be put together to educate followers on how it can help your nonprofit develop a sustainable fundraising strategy and reach its end goal. Promote the ebook on LinkedIn, or online fundraising events, to keep your followers informed and educated.

b. We suggest that all our partners thoroughly understand what content their followers engage with on social media. If you think your audience disregards reading a long block of content, try converting your old blog posts into podcasts.

c. Blogs are your goldmine of information. It tells a lot about your nonprofit and all the excellent work that you do. Choose powerful lines from your blogs and share them as tweets. You can choose multiple lines from a single blog post to create more tweets.

Blog post converted into Instagram carousel. Follow us on Instagram!

Go creative with visuals

Hear a piece of information, and three days later, you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture, and you’ll remember 65% of it.


So don’t be afraid to experiment with photos!

1. People like to read quotes. Besides, they are excellent if you want to see your metrics going up because they are easily reshared. Use old images from your existing library, blog posts or crop them in exciting ways via tools like Canva; then add a quote to create a brand new post.

2. A collection of Instagram posts or photos can make an appealing Pinterest board for each of your campaigns. Again, this board can be shared on all your social media pages and also make a great throwback post to breathe more life into old campaigns.

3. Infographics are the fourth most used type of content marketing. You might be collecting lots of thoughts and opinions from your donors and stakeholders in the form of surveys. Select some insights that might be interesting to your audience and turn them into an infographic.

Get more out of video marketing

Videos are the next big thing for marketers. But you can gain more out of it by reusing its content in different ways.

1. Break down a long video or a documentary into bite-sized clips to share as Instagram stories or reels more often. Highlight each critical piece of information from it by creating its mini version and drive engagement.

2. Use the video content for creating a LinkedIn presentation via SlideShares. On average, 400,000 presentations are uploaded to SlideShare monthly and receive 159 million page views. SlideShares can drive a lot of organic traffic to your cause.

These are a few ways through which you can breathe more life into your social campaigns. And the list goes on! If you think you need further assistance on creating these or looking for ideas to take your social campaigns to the next level, we are here to help! The creative heads at Hopeful can help you brainstorm ideas to level up your social media efforts. Let’s talk!

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