Hopeful Graduates from Berkeley SkyDeck’s Startup Accelerator Program

Today is a big day in Hopeful’s three-year journey to become the world’s first Social FundTech company. We are graduating from Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator Program, finishing off with the Berkeley SkyDeck Demo Day to pitch to an institutional investor in our industry.

As a startup, Berkeley’s launch assistance helped us achieve a rich learning curve. Over the last six months, we were mentored by leading industry professionals and had exclusive access to Berkeley’s comprehensive resources. This helped us improve our overall branding and flagship technology and set the stage to reach accredited investors.

Alexander Jivov, CEO and Co-founder, Hopeful Inc. says, “Our time at SkyDeck has been truly a founder’s dream – the SkyDeck team, the advisors, and the resources available have helped us grow on all fronts and put us in a perfect position for our upcoming raise”.

Today’s Virtual Demo Day will feature Hopeful as one of its 17 innovative global startups. This event has provided the right platform for us to share our innovation with attendees tuning in from across the globe.

We are thankful to SkyDeck, the founders, and the advisors for bringing us this far in our vision to help nonprofits harness the power of AI, and most of all, for giving us the opportunity to rebrand and position Hopeful as the first Social FundTech company in the nonprofit space.


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