The Big Leap: Storytelling AI is HERE!

Storytelling is the heart of a nonprofit’s campaign to promote its cause. Hopeful’s flagship product – Storytelling AI, is the game-changer for your social media success.

71% of nonprofits worldwide agree that social media is effective for online fundraising. Top-tier organizations have already shifted to intelligent platforms like Hopeful to keep their data organized, unite social campaigns on a single interface, and track effectiveness in real-time.

Interestingly, the capabilities of AI extend much more than this. For one, it presents an opportunity to better understand social platforms – going through your networks, audience, and content. AI can not only tell you the performance of your posts but can also guide you for when, what and how to post to get desired results (no, really!)

“Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, we will have multiplied the intelligence, the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization a billion-fold.”

– Ray Kurzweil

Hopeful’s flagship product, Storytelling AI, will enable nonprofit organizations to tell more compelling stories. AI-based insights will help craft campaigns around topics that matter most to nonprofit audiences. As with our experience with nonprofits, we have noticed that most organizations have a time-crunch and lean teams. High-priority work holds back charity marketers to realize that social media is marketing gold rather than a mundane to-do task. Storytelling AI will empower organizations with hard data, and even creative ideas to help them achieve desired outcomes.

1) The Best Time to Post

Your social media content must get more eyeballs within the first few hours of posting to drive better engagement. One way to tackle this algorithm is to know the best times to post.

Studies suggesting the best time a brand should post on social platforms are insights based on aggregated data. The data includes all kinds of businesses, brands, and individuals from different locations and industries.

Now, isn’t your audience unique? Therefore, it’s hard to say that the average good time to post for a wide range of businesses and organizations would apply to your nonprofit.

Hopeful’s Storytelling feature gives you the best time to post depending on your own posting patterns. When you hop on to the dashboard to create your post, the little fire symbol (see below) shows you the best time when your post has the probability of getting the most engagement.

Data attracts more data. Regular, frequent posts will give you more accurate results for the best posting times. The results will vary depending upon how your posts have performed in the past seven days when posted at specific times.

2) The Trending Hashtags

Hashtags help users discover the content of their interest. Using popular ones or those that your audience is searching for can bring your content into their feeds. Tools like Tagdef, or  RiteTag should be your go-to places to find popular hashtags. Or even better! Let Hopeful suggest some of the best hashtags relevant to your cause and nonprofit.

Hopeful’s intuitive algorithms are used to examine the relationship between the organization’s use of hashtags and the effectiveness of its messages. Specifically, the analysis examines which hashtags lead to greater engagement and views for your nonprofit. This is an ongoing process and therefore keeps suggesting unique hashtags for your campaign stories whenever you post.


Hopeful’s Storytelling engine aims to make life easier for nonprofit organizations and charity marketers globally. We intend that you spend less time decoding social media algorithms and focus on the high-impact work that will move the needle on your real goals. With these above-mentioned features just released, we hope to add value to our existing and future client partnerships and continue our pursuit for technological revolution for social good.

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