Lead the Way – Women Nonprofits and the Power of Social

Social media helps organizations to zoom in on the issues of women and societal change. Here are some women centric nonprofits leveraging different social platforms for the good!

There is no denying the fact that women face social, cultural, and economic barriers to equality. Social media gives the voice for women nonprofits to present gender issues out and loud. Thanks to the whole new trend of hashtags, influencers, and ever-evolving social algorithms! The virality of social media platforms carries messages far and wide to people who care.

These women nonprofits leverage the power of social to make sure their every effort is worth it. Read on to gather inspirational ideas to revamp your NPO’s social pages.

1. The Centre For Reproductive Rights

The Centre For Reproductive Rights impacts local and international laws and influences reproductive health policies in countries like Asia, Africa, and the US. This legal consortium supports a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body.

The organization’s LinkedIn page has more than 17K followers, and this particular post managed to hit off a good 367 likes in a few minutes of going live.

Takeaway? Beat the apprehension of posting on LinkedIn. Overcome the mindset of who cares about your post, or where is the uniqueness or value of your content. Post to share your thoughts and insights as an organization. Only 56% of NPOs worldwide have a LinkedIn Page. There is still a huge opportunity for you to cut the clutter and get heard.

 Posting something is better than not posting at all.


2.Women for Women International

This women’s nonprofit supports communities displaced or marginalized by conflict and oppression in foreign territories like Afghanistan and Rwanda. They also drive education-based efforts to help graduate support and community advocacy programs.

The organization creates impactful campaigns on Facebook and uses the campaign name as its unique hashtag (#PowerToChange). They also go above and beyond to loop in an influencer to amplify their campaign performance.

Pro-tip for you: Recently, a survey of 9000 plus small-to-midsize nonprofits in the US and Canada revealed that most of them list Facebook as their primary social media platform. Hashtags are valuable from a search perspective and get you more visibility. Since Facebook handles billions of searches daily, categorizing content enables easy searches. Facebook posts only reach an average of 4% of an NPO page’s fans. Influencer-based marketing campaigns can help you overcome this hurdle to a large extent.


3.Every Mother Counts

This activist group seeks to improve medical care for mothers in countries like Tanzania, Haiti, and India. Their programs revolve around training professionals, improving transportation to care facilities, and donating essential supplies to clinics.

Their Instagram strategy is all about using more photos to create better engagement. A simple picture (the one below) got a good three thousand likes. What’s more impactful than this!

What’s in it for you?

The Instagram algorithm works in mysterious ways. One thing it takes into account is which posts rank up to get more engagement and show that in peoples’ newsfeed. Posts with high-quality pictures will relatively get more hearts compared to compromised images. Check more ideas to promote your campaigns on Instagram.

A good picture will say a thousand words and get thousands of likes too!


Simple ideas, but intriguing! Isn’t it? Now it’s your turn to create thumb-stopping content on social media platforms!

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