Succeed in Influencer Marketing- 4 Simple Ideas

Want to get started with influencer-based marketing for your nonprofit?

We have some tried and true ideas up our sleeves.

Influencers are the next big thing on social networks. Nowadays, even everyday people (not just celebrities or social-good ambassadors alone) have risen the ranks of social media. Micro-influencers and fans have managed to grow thousands  (if not millions) of followers. Associating with these personalities can unlock immense social marketing prospects for your nonprofit. 

Initially, convincing influential personalities to propagate your cause may be exasperating. But in the long haul, it means publicity for your campaigns, greater awareness, increased followers, and perhaps more and recurring donations. 

Who is an influencer, and why should you care? 

Influencers are tastemakers for the general audience and help them make informed decisions. Their followers trust their recommendations and support the causes they communicate. 

With lots of following of their own, influencers can breathe more life into your social presence. By aligning with trusted influencers whose values match your mission, you can tap into their highly engaged audience. The power of social can drive you increased reach and faster conversions of your goals. 

Do more with Social Media Influencer Marketing 

1. Storytelling – literally! 

Influencers are excellent storytellers. They create original content to match their audiences’ expectations and are skilled at delivering it at the right time and in the right way. 

Start by creating a bucket list of influencers who regularly promote causes similar to yours. Then narrow down your options based on who might get personally interested in your mission. Personal attachments to your cause and their emotional drive can encourage a pool of followers to pillar your campaign. 

Shannon Kalahan regularly shares stories of nonprofits she gets interested in. Her skill of photography and the subtle way of putting a call to action stirs followers to act. 

2. Go Live-streaming

Social platforms prioritize live content in their newsfeed. Facebook live videos get six times more interactions than pre-recorded ones. So get streaming and get your influencer-promoted campaigns recognized. 

If you are hosting virtual fundraising events, reach out to influencers and request live-streaming. Sharing event highlights such as videos of keynote speakers, photos of event activities, and updates on progress towards fundraising goals can all make the experience thrilling. 

For instance, what if Julia Campbell (a member of Meals on Wheels America) was approached to promote a charity event related to hunger or senior citizens? Chances are, she probably would. Relevancy of the cause to an influencer’s interest is the way to go about it! 

3. Host a virtual meet and greet 

As more and more fundraising events have turned online, you got to humanize this experience for the masses. Have an influencer conduct a virtual meet and greet on your social account. This strategy works well on Instagram (Instagram Takeovers), where influencers could take over your social account and engage your followers. It could create a perfect stage for your existing and future campaigns. Furthermore, the guest of the event can: 

a. Indulge the audience in your campaign story and stir a quick emotional response

b. Answer questions that followers have about your cause 

c. Announce giveaways, matching deals for donations, or sweepstakes contents

d. Propagate any other projects you have in the pipeline

Study your supporters’ profiles to learn if they are collectively interested in any public figures. If yes, turn the virtual meet and greet around and interview an influencer instead. Let your audience know why they are personally interested in your cause. 

4. Proceed Profits into Goodwill 

As we said, influencers can be entrepreneurs too. People who are philanthropic and want to donate will do so anyway. But there is a way to target the others who need a slight push. 

Pinpoint influential entrepreneurs with major brands under their pockets. Collaborate with them to share your message on their social networks and encourage their followers to support your cause by sharing profits from the sales. This idea works even with budding entrepreneurs who have just launched their brands and are equally looking for opportunities to promote sales. 

Over to you

Hope this little read was helpful to spark unique ideas for your nonprofit. Now, put them into effect and drive people to your cause! 

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