Achieve Facebook Success – Inspiration Stories

Getting more followers on Facebook is no small feat and goes beyond posting an eye-catching picture. Check out these Facebook Posts from various nonprofits to draw inspiration from.

As of 2021, Facebook has 2.60 billion monthly active users. With this overwhelming amount of traffic, getting attention on Facebook is both possible and difficult.

To gain visibility, you need to create different content formats that may appeal to your audience. And one way to come up with creative ideas is to consume content from everywhere around you. 

To help you gather some inspiration, we have roped in five nonprofits that are successfully creating thumb-stopping feeds for their supporters. While you may not want to follow their lead and originate your distinct style, a little motivation always helps. Let’s get started! 

1. The (RED) Quote from Amanda Gorman

Feel that social media is bombarding you with motivational quotes? True that! But behind every quote, there is a human who has crafted it. Hence, quotes contribute to a highly inspirational form of short content and are endemic on social media. 

In the below example, (Red), has quoted American poet and activist Amanda Gorman on its Facebook page.

What is incredibly important you may ask? The number of shares on a particular post since they are the ultimate word-of-mouth for your organization. More shares mean your content is reaching a much wider audience. Even Facebook’s internal algorithms give Shares more than 1,000% more importance than likes. 

Study (RED)’s Facebook page, and you will note that the organization is doing some commendable work yet has managed to get creative and portray its fun persona. 

Campaign posts that are donation-centric can get mundane over time. But there are other ways to engage your audience and get them following you. A simple quote is all it takes to increase the energy on the page! 

2. World Wildlife Fund’s Birthday Fundraisers

You can support micro-philanthropy by encouraging your existing donors to start a fundraiser campaign on their birthdays like how the World Wildlife Fund does. A birthday fundraiser works in multiple ways. It helps you raise funds for your cause and is a unique way to spread awareness. Sidelong, you are preparing the ground for peer-to-peer fundraising since a supporter’s friends and family members are more likely to donate as a kind gesture on their birthdays. 

The World Wildlife Fund propagates its supporters’ humble approach of celebrating birthdays on its social pages. When supporters feel engaged, it is easy to earn their trust and support. 

What more? When peers see real people supporting a nonprofit, there are high chances they might get interested and follow suit.  

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3. Video Stories from Samaritan’s Purse

With over 4 billion video views happening on Facebook every day, it is a fantastic tool to hook your audience on the go. As compared to long-winded texts, videos are easy to consume. Besides, they are better for views and engagement, unlike images that drive more clicks. So unless you don’t intend for your supporters to click on a particular link, try replacing static posts with videos (or even live videos) to captivate them.

Samaritan’s Purse is well-known in its approach of sharing short videos about their work and their impact. This also helps them build their Youtube channel consistently. While they are breaking their neck over an impactful outcome, they make sure to shoot. They also make sure to shoot and share a success story so that their supporters very much feel a part of it too!  (Click the image below to watch the story)

Interested in creating impactful videos for your Facebook page? Check this out!  

4. The personalization tip from Focus on the Family

As nonprofits, you are sharing your success stories with your supporters. But what if these stories come directly from the beneficiaries themselves? 

Using more stories of your campaign will engage your audience and inspire new supporters to get involved. But the power of one identifiable person is more decisive than any larger, unidentified group of people that may be beyond your ability to help. Check out this incredible post by Focus on the Family.

What did they do right? They not only let the beneficiary do the talking, but the powerful image of the mother and son duo just hit the nerves! 

The Final Takeaway

It is essential to chalk out a social media plan to follow on Facebook. In a nutshell, your goal should include gaining more followers and engaging them to drive more donations. But it’s easier said than done. Unfortunately, driving engagement on Facebook and retaining followers takes more than a pretty post. Instead, focus on informative, emotional, and valuable content to inspire action. 

Are you churning out beautiful Facebook stories to inspire your audience? Share with us in the comments below! 

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