How to Attract Instagram Followers – Part II

In our previous blog, we shared a few simple ways to gain more supporters for your cause and engage them. Here’s more to add to that list! If you are a beginner or worried that your Instagram page is not getting more traffic, this post (and the previous one) will help you. Read on.

1. Use the Instagram Story feature and Story Highlights.

‘Why should I use Instagram Stories?’ Good question! 

When users first tap into their accounts, stories often catch the eye first. What better way to grab their attention! 

You can save your stories and make them visible as a pin on your profile with the ‘Story Highlights’ option. This way, your hard-produced story videos or images do not disappear after 24 hours. They get saved in a structured and organized way for your potential supporters to view any time.  

Story Highlights is a useful resource to educate new followers about your previous campaigns and efforts. 

With over 500 million IG accounts using Instagram stories every day, it is an important channel to connect, engage, and get success on your campaign promotions. Check out this video to create Instagram stories effectively!

2. Explore the Instagram takeover strategy

The Instagram takeover strategy first began in 2012. Brands, Nonprofits, local businesses, and freelance individuals temporarily took over other Instagram accounts to share content. What began as a fun collaboration has recently transitioned into a valuable aspect of Instagram’s marketing strategy. (We think you could use this too!) 

Instagram Takeover is a great way to collaborate with your partners or sponsors and cross-promote your content. 

Depending upon the takeover objective (for instance, to grow more followers), you may invite different types of guests to host your account. They could be influencers within your niche or community members who have been actively sharing your content for a while. 

Your volunteers or teammates also make excellent hosts and can use this opportunity to showcase your organization’s culture and work environment. These guests act as micro-influencers and prompt your audience to act. Also, when new hosts post content on your behalf, they bring along fresh perspectives and their queue of followers. 

Learn more about some examples of NPOs who handed their accounts for good!

3. Trust your data. Then repeat.

There are two ways to decoding Instagram followers.  

a. Trying new ways to engage your audience through content, techniques, and strategies.

b. To audit your data and make an informed decision 

Instagram Insights provides a wide range of metrics to help you do a quick performance review of your posts, understand audience behavior, and optimize your efforts. These are important metrics (impressions, reach, likes, comments, and hacks) in their most basic form. 

These insights can throw light on specific trends. You will notice that certain types of images earn more impressions and engagement. You may want to tune in your focus on those particular posts in order to match follower expectations.  

You can also delve deeper and look at level-two performance metrics with the Hopeful dashboard. With all your data (across all social channels) aggregated together in a consolidated report, this helps you make an informed and insightful decision rather than depending on a hunch or tracking data across different social networks. Learn more with Hopeful’s 14-day free trial! 

A result-oriented Instagram strategy to get more followers is a combination of using different tools, features, and forms of content effectively, accurately, and consistently. But it is not rocket science after all! Gear up, implement all those impressive ideas, and let us know in the comments how your organization paved its way for a successful Instagram strategy to rope in more supporters. 

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